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About Us

Orthodontic Marketing Expert

My marketing approach and scope of products reflects the technological advances in orthodontics as well as changes to the practice and how it is perceived by the consumer.

The orthodontic industry is a result driven market and my twenty-three years of experience marketing to orthodontists nationwide can help you achieve your goals and bring new ideas to the table. 

I have strong business relationships with many orthodontists and their staff members and I can’t wait to be your orthodontic marketing partner; providing the highest quality marketing products in the orthodontic industry.

Our Approach


Our products and services are designed to strengthen sales skills so your staff has the next generation tools they need to turn more consultations into active patient starts. This is accomplished by using current marketing techniques based on today’s consumer society so you will have the tools and options the consumer group your targeting desire most.

Our Success is Your Success


***The economist Intelligence Unit predicts the next US recession to be early 2020 per there research published January 23, 2018. This is confirmed in Forbes on March 20, 2018 in an article titled “The Next Recession Might Be Worse Than The Great Depression”***

What does this mean to you the orthodontic practice trying to start a few more patients? It means you must think more like a US retailer than a medical practice when it comes to how we “sell” to our patients. It means you have to offer in-house payment options as well as third party financing. It means you have to be more flexible with down payment options and it means you HAVE to be a preferred provider for many more insurances just to name a few.

Site Content

Targeted Direct Mail

We create stock and custom post cards, invitations and letters to be mailed to your target market or internal data base. 

Our prices are all inclusive and include

custom data, designing, printing, sorting, postage and delivering to the post office. We also send a card to your office so you know when the mailing starts to hit your demographic area and over 30 sample cards for you to pass out as you like. 


Education And Compliance

Our Happy Teeth education and complicane series is customized with your practice information and guides patients throught compliance for Brushing and Flossing, Retainer and Aligner where and care as well as Problem Foods and Helpful Tips.

We also create custom books, offices forms, logos  and more.

Consulting Services


Call now and sign up for an in office consulting sales and training visit 

  1. This sales training includes: 3 days in your practice, scripting, training and team building as you desire, 
  2. A verbal review at course end as well as a marketing plan and recommendations sent in writing, 
  3. Twelve months of follow-up support and much more. 

Internal Mailings To Generate Patient Referrals

Our custom game letter is a great way to encourage patient referrals with prizes and offers they cant resist. Using your internal data base and our all inclusive fee we make this easy and affordable.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Bring your business cards, direct mail and office to life like never before using augmented and virtual reality. Just download the Launchable App from your app store and hover over a $20 dollar bill to learn more.


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